Monday, January 19, 2009

A very good place to start.

A good day to start this blog - lots of indoor activity as the sleety snow fell silently past the windows. James is getting a bit better at finding his own things to do for short periods, so I don't interfere unless he comes looking for me. So, whilst he rearranged the tupperware tubs over the conservatory floor and filled them with various toy cars, I made cottage pie and leek and honey-roasted parsnip and celeriac soup. A bit of an albeit tasty mouthful for what is essentially a use up the veg box dish.
Later James helped me to make a honey, lemon and yogurt cake. The trouble with James and baking is that he is absolutely petrified of the food mixer. It is just a hand held electric one, but he becomes hysterical at the mere suggestion that it may be used. (wonder if it is a past life issue?) So - simple living it is and wooden spoons were brandished with abandon. Next culinary delight was tapioca pudding for desert. A childhood favourite - it was always the Wednesday pudding at my Gran Duncan's, where I went every day for lunch when I was at school. In those days of course the main meal was at noon - glad I don't have to get myself together to do that every day. I can actually still remember the meal plan that my Gran had, as every day was the same. Monday was always soup and some kind of tart and custard; Tuesday.... no I won't even bore myself never mind any unwary reader.
I also finished knitting a pair of fingerless mitts in a fabulous yarn by Manos del Uruguay, now I will start on a matching hat - all for me. Mind you, elder son was eyeing the mitts up earlier - "they would be ideal for me walking the dog." I pretended not to hear him though, bad Mummy that I am. If I had knitted them and given them to him as a present he would have run a mile from their 'uncoolness' or whatever the word is now.
And - I also started this blog! So - all in all a good day.


Laura said...

Lovely mitts! Are they the maine morning mittens? THey look familiar.

Jacqui said...

Hi Laura - Yes they are! How cool that you recognised them - I feel like a real knitter. I am so slow at knitting but I loved doing these - they were finished in no time.