Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Duncan's first bath

He was a bit nervous about it, as he's been with us for almost a year, but he has been so well loved that he really needed a wash. Inspired by Dogger, one of his favourite bedtime stories, James gave Baby Duncan his very first bath and then we hung him on the washing line to dry in the warm spring sunshine.
I was a bit nervous about letting James have some water play, after his accident, but he sat happily on the floor and washed his friend and
then some other woollen toys. Then he carried on splashing contentedly and made some "stone soup" with pebbles that we collected from Iona a few years ago - very special soup indeed!
Unlike Dogger, however, Baby Duncan did not get lost after his bath, and is finishing off drying on the clothes horse inside.
It is so good to get washing on the line and dried in the sun - everything smells fantastic. Such a gorgeous day!


Becks said...

Hey you did well to get to a whole year before that first bath lol. How nervous were you that Duncan would survive it well ;-)

Jacqui said...

Haha :) Yeah I was a bit. Although he was James's eostre present last year, he has only really started playing with him since he turned 2 in November, so that's my defence xx