Saturday, September 12, 2009

So much going on.

This has been such a busy week, that I have not had time to update the blog. So - here is a whistle stop tour. This week has been all about...

Kenneth packing. Heading off to University.

A last snuggle up together.

Room for independence - middle window, blind half down - the place to be. Mum left her camera in the car, so no interior shots.

Lots of plums

and more plums. Lots of jam - more jam - bottling and 2 more trees to go!

Gorgeous grandson,

Picking up Mum and Dad from Edinburgh airport after 6 weeks in Canada.

Happy Birthday Kristine - 20!!!!

Comparing sun tans - Kristine and Dad!

James makes another birthday cake.

Have we forgotten anything Mum?

Oh yes - Kenneth came home for the weekend. Fresher's week is hard work!

Hope you have had a good week.


sue said...

lovely pics :)
My daughter has also just turned 20 and is of to her final year at uni. my youngest daughter has just gone back to school in her final year and....yaay, I cant wait for the end of school days!!
love to you n yours
sue xxx

sunnymama said...

You have had a busy time. That's a gorgeous picture of James standing in the road/driveway(?) with the cardboard boxes and stuff behind him. What a sweetie he is. :)

Jacqui said...

Yes - I was quite pleased wth it. He said he was building a binfire!