Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas has been delivered

I never buy any Christmas magazines until the December issue of Country Living arrives. I have subscribed for many years, and, although it is a fairly lightweight read nowadays, I love the images and some of the ideas. It is one of my little indulgences.
I have begun thinking a bit more about Christmas over the last few days. This is mainly due to Kristine - who has been sharing ideas and tutorials on her gorgeous blog. It doesn't take much to get me started though. Already the fruit is soaking in whisky to make a Dundee cake tomorrow - plans are being made for homemade decorations, food and gifts, and - this morning, Christmas Country Living arrived, so when I went shopping, a couple more magazines found their way into the trolley (along with some new coloured tree lights!)
I am now about to settle down with a cup of no-caff and a pancake and wallow in scenes of the perfect Christmas.
Can't get too Christmassy yet though - it is a certain boy's birthday next week, so cakes and candles and fun stuff to come.


julie king said...

i am such a sucker for christmas magazines too. i almost asked hubby to bring the artifical christmas tree and decorations down today so jenna and i could decorate it. but we decided to chop open the 6 remaining pumpkins and set the seeds out to dry for planting next year. it was fun but jenna didn't like the slime. hee hee

A Wild Thing said...

My Grandson's birthday is January i, he was always sad about that right after xmas...ha!

I dropped my subscription to Country Living this past summer, after carrying it for 30 some years, it just doesn't do it for me anymore...and how I used to long for it's arrival...have fun with the xmas issue!!!

Wyld Jane.. said...

i love country living , been getting it a while now , i love your new photo at the top x

sue said...

I subscribe to counrty living too, I have to admit a mainly love looking at the lovely pics with a nice a cup of something herbal lol.
sue xxx

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Oh I am so glad you got some inspiration from the videos. It is fun to get those creative juices flowing. I too like to look at pictures in Country Living...I should be getting mine soon as well. I really need to get rid of a bunch of my magazines...I have been collecting them and have a hard time tossing them...sometimes I rip out the pages I like and put them in a notebook and then I just have a large notebook of favorite things...which is also fun to look at. That was when I didn't have 4 kids though! hmmm. How time flies.

Happy decorating. Loved your bunting idea. Make sure you post your pics!

Linda said...

I was thinking the same thing when my Country Living was delivered this week - now Christmas can start! But then the magic didn't work. I think it is more lightweight than it used to be. The Christmas edition this year isn't what I'd call a keeper. In fact I was rather fatigued by it - each page I turned seemed to be same old formula. Sometimes the same formula is deeply comforting, but I was somehow wearied by yet more ladies in large country 'hices' (to be said with a Prince Charles accent) making sweet crafty things, the woman in Devon with the perfect vegetable garden, and Elisabeth Luard's largely inedible recipes. The images WERE lovely, but maybe I've just seen to many of them. Or I'm just becoming a grinch.

Jacqui said...

I was just so disappointed with this magazine. It was a bit like finding out for definite that Santa wasn't real - even though you've had your suspicions for a while. So empty and vaccuous. Seriously reconsidering the sub now.
Country Homes and Interiors was much better this year - so I still feel Christmassy :)