Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Sharing / Shelf Sharing. - Brigid's Day

An unexpected bonus of sharing pictures of our bookshelves as well as book, is that ou come across forgotten gems - like this one - Celtic Wonder Tales by Ella Young.  Based on the Celtic creation myths it contains exciting sagas of good overcoming evil and is full of celtic wisdom. 

For Brigid's Day, I will share this excerpt from the creation tale, The Earth Shapers.  In Tir-na-Moe, the land of the Living Heart, Brigit was singing.
Brigit sang:

Now comes the hour foretold, a god-gift bringing
A wonder-sight
Is it a star new-born and splendid up springing
Out of the night?
Is it a wave from the fountain of Beauty upflinging
Foam of delight?
Is it a glorious immortal bird that is winging
Hither its flight?

It is a wave, high-crested , melodious, triumphant
Breaking in light
It is a star, rose-hearted and joyous, a splendour
Risen from night
It is a flame from the world of the gods, and love
runs before it,
A quenchless delight

Let the wave break, let the star rise, let the flame leap
Ours, if our hearts are wise,
To take and keep.

Alex hosts Book Sharing Monday at her blog, Canadian Home Learning.  Drop in and see who else is sharing.

Meanwhile, to continue my bookshelf sharing, here are the two bookshleves in my bedroom.

These shelves are a mix of parening, health, lifestyley type things, books I find particularly inspiring and ones that mean a lot to me.

Anyway, we are off to the far North for a few days.  Have a good week. 


sunnymama said...

This looks a wonderful book! Good fun having a peek at your bookshelves too. Some great books there. Love your header picture. :)

shell said...

Loved peaking at your bookshelves - there's some lovely ones there. xx

Arlenkern74 said...

great shelves again xx like looking at what you have got, have a great time away x

Alex said...

I am not sure if you are still interested in participating in Book Sharing Monday, but you are in my list of participants so I would like to let you kow that I have added a Mr. Linky for all our Book Sharing Monday posts. This tool will be available as of next Monday, May 3.
If you post a book sharing post, please take a minute to stop by my post on monday and share your link!
Thank you!