Sunday, February 21, 2010

Closing it down

I've decided to do a bit of downsizing in my bloggy world.  So - with the exception of a couple of photographic memes, I will no longer be blogging in this space. Most of my day to day happenings are around the home and garden, and concern children and family - so I will be posting about these issues on my other  blog - The Interrupted Gardener.  This was my first blog, and I started off keeping it strictly as a gardening blog.  I have found, however, that the garden is a big part of my life, and so are the 'interruptions' to it, and it was becoming more difficult to decide what post should be on what blog.  Enough, already! For the sake of simplicity,I will blog about family, gardening, food, creativity and general reflections on The Interrupted Gardener from now on.
I know there are some followers who also follow IG - bless you.  But if not, I invite you to join me over there.  Thank you all anyway -  I am constantly amazed that people take time out of their busy, creative lives to read what I have I have to say. xxx


Lisa G said...

As long as you are still blogging somewhere, that's ok then! lol

936000 said...

Love the photo you chose for this post.

I can understand trying to decide what post on what blog and i think the idea of using this one for memes is great!

Just my [un-asked-for] two cents, but i hope you also combine your "bee" blog into the Interrupted Gardner. Or is that dream in the absolute dust now?

sue said...

I'm coming over to The Interrupted Gardener right now :)
Blessings, Sue xxx

sunnymama said...

I will follow both your blogs as I love your photography posts so would like to keep up with those too. :)