Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

Our choice for this week's Book Sharing Monday is New Blue Shoes by Eve Rice.

I first bought this book about 25 years ago,when my elder daughter was 4. It very quickly became one of our favourites, and I am so pleased that James loves it too. It is the story of Rebecca and her Mama going to buy a new pair of shoes. Parents everywhere will recognise trying to balance their child's wishes with what they think is practical. Rebecca suddenly asserts herself with her request for blue shoes:

" Blue?" said Mama. "I think brown would be much nicer. Brown."
"Blue" said Rebecca. "I want blue"
"All right, blue" said Mama
"I'll see what we have" said the salesman

Of course she gets her wish, with "the very last box on the very last shelf"
On the way home, however, she wonders ifs he has made the right decision.....
A lovely, simple and much cherished storybook.


Wyld Jane.. said...

What a lovely book , should have bought this for my sister who was a real pain when it came to new shoes !! i have pastie feet so my options were limited, no patent leather ankle strap for me xx

nocton4 said...

Just gorgeous x

sunnymama said...

Looks delightful! Colour hasn't been an issue yet shoe shopping for sunnyboy but I can relate to this story having taken my god-daughter to buy new shoes :)

sue said...

Oh, you've just brought back some wonderful memories of me reading this with my older ones too :)
thank you xx

Gina said...

We have this too, it's lovley ;)