Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advocaat and memories

I inherited my Grandmother's recipe books - they are falling apart as you see, but i love them and refer to them often.  There are 2 of these notebooks full of recipes written out in her neat hand, using her Parker fountain pen - credit is always given to whoever provided the recipe: - Dundee cake,  Mrs Fleming; Lantern Tray Bake, Betty Clark; Gingerbread, Mrs Fernie, Christmas Cake, Radio Times   Each page contains memories of visits to her house.  She was the most fantastic baker and the table just groaned with delights - big cakes, small cakes, fruit cakes, tray bakes,tarts, biscuits (cookies), shortbread.  She baked every week, to fill up her tins, so there was never any chance of being caught out with nothing to offer a visitor.
Anyway, browsing through a few weeks ago, I came upon this recipe for Advocate (sic).  Now as a child at New Year, I was always allowed a small glass of advocaat mixed with a lot of lemonade.  I so remember that fluffly light sweet eggy taste, so I was keen to give this a go - especially as our hens - The Pizza Girls are such prolific layers. You make it over 3 days, but then have to leave it for 3 - 4 weeks before drinking it - worth it though.
3 whole eggs - including shells
juice of 3 large lemons.
1 lb caster sugar
large tin evaporated milk (I used 3 170g tins Tesco own brand)
1 Gill brandy ( 1/4 of a pint)

Wash eggs and break into a bowl including the eggshells
Add the lemon juice and turn every day for 3 days.

(interesting science experiment here too)

On day 4 - whisk them up ( I zuzzed mine in a blender) and strain.  Add sugar, milk and brandy.  Beat well until the sugar has dissolved.

Pour into bottles and keep for 3 - 4 weeks before using.  I made just over 1 litre using this recipe - 1 bottle to keep and 2 smaller ones to give away.  Perfect!


Diane said...

I have never heard of this. What can you compare it to for taste?

Sarah said...

Your Grandmother's cookbooks are such a lovely thing to have to remember her by-what a treasure! I love the way she credited those who gave her recipes. The recipe sounds interesting-weird that you leave the shells in isn't it? Do they stay in when you blend it all together?
Love your shadow shot too-I like looking into the fire.

MedaM said...

This is beautiful and interesting post. I love your first photo. Yours Grandmother’s recipe books are so precious and also make the photo special. Thanks for this interesting drink recipe. I might try to make it by myself.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

Jacqui said...

Thanks for the comments
Diane - it tastes similar to egg nogg,very smooth and sweet.

Sarah - the eggshells turn soft and are dissolving in the egg and lemon after 3 days. the recipe says to whisk everything together and then strain, but I gave it a quick pulse in the blender and then seived it. In the second photo you can see the remains of the eggshells.
MedaM - thanks for your comments - do try it - it is delicious. I think advocaat originates form Holland. xx

Pat's Addition said...

Why don't you scan the great old cookbook and have copies made for your family? I do a "birthday book" each year for the kids, and I want ...where's the time? re do my mom's cookbook. I use snapfish, but there lots of sites to do this project.