Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hogmanay moon clearing

The Hogmanay moon  - gloriously voluptuous, beckoning us into the New Year. I love this time. It is so full of hope and thoughts of new beginnings. I always enjoyed that feeling of anticipation that I still feel on Hogmanay.  In Scotland, the Ne'erday used to be a far more important holiday than Christmas, which was a normal working day until 1958. Some of the customs I remember and still keep are mostly based on clearing out and making ready for the new.  Giving the house a good clean, or redding up is important, as is making sure you have no dirty laundry to carry into the New Year.  So today was spent doing just that - changing beds, washing all those woollens that hide in the bottom of laundry basket, cleaning floors and vacuuming under beds.  I still have my Christmas tree up though - that stays until 12th night.

Other traditions include putting a coin on the doorstep and if it is still there in the morning then prosperity will follow for the next year.Last year's calendars must be taken down before the bells and I remember my Dad would always rake the fire and take out the ashes shortly before midnight.

Just before the bells, the back and front doors should be opened - to 'see the auld yin oot and let the bairn come in'.  By then you should be ready for a wee dram and a bit of shortbread.
It is a quiet night for us though.  My older children are out at a party, and James is asleep - worn out.  John and I are enjoying not having to go anywhere on this bitterly cold night and are happy to sit by the roaring fire. Hoping all your first foots are tall dark and handsome and that many blessings come to you in the coming year. Do have a wee listen to this beautiful rendition of The Bard's classic - his original tune.


shell said...

I hope 2010 brings much love and joy to you and your family. Happy New Year xxx

Arlenkern74 said...

Blessings to you all too xx 2010 here we come x

Lisa G said...

Happy new year Jacqui!

Becks said...

I hope the new year brings all you wish. Happiness, love and fun.

desertnutmeg said...

What a great blog post (i'm envious)! The photos are great, esp that moon, the song is great and mostly, thank you so much for sharing the/your traditions! Very much enjoyed and many blessings to you and yours in 2010. I hope it is magical!