Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge: Fruit/Macro

Blueberry Pie -

- in around 5 months time!

Do visit The Brenda Photo Challenge to see the other participants.  Thanks so much to Donna for this fum meme.


Ann said...

That's a long wait for a blueberry pie :) I love your take on this challenge, very creative and nice photo too.

Brenda said...

A wonderful promise. I'll be looking forward also to seeing the new phases of your blueberry plant. Great shot!

Donna said...

Oh this is Great Jacqui!! I Love the idea!
Hope you do a follow up on this!!
Beautiful photo!
Happy weekend to you!

Manang Kim said...

Love your picture and I can wait for blueberry pie ^_^. Happy weekend!

My Fruit Macro

SOUL said...

i smell that pie already :))
5 months? really? who knew?
beautiful photo-- and who would've thought--'pre- fruit' ! awesome idea -
hope you have a great day-
welcome to the photo challenge :))

Carolyn Ford said...

I hope we see that pie when the time comes! I like the focus in this photograph.

Nita Jo said...

What an original idea! I could have taken one of my Gooseberry Bush. You'll have a much longer wait for your pie! Great job!

Donna said...

ROFL! Love it!!!

Sandy said...

Lovely blossom! I posted a peach blossom but not for the Brenda Challenge guess I should have thought more out of the box. Great idea!

Jacqui said...

Thanks everyone. You will be surprised how soon that blueberry pie will be ready!
Soul - pre-fruit sounds good. I was thinking Potential Fruit when I saw the leaf bud.
This has been such a fun thing to do. xx

desertnutmeg said...

Count me chiming in like everyone else-what a great and clever idea. I also like that it rhymed!

sunnymama said...

So pretty! Looking forward to some pictures of the pie (in about 5 months). :)