Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Sharing Monday (v)

For our fifth week of book sharing, we would like to share James's favourite book - Dogger by Shirley Hughes.

This is a lovely warm story about a boy, his family and his favourite toy - Dogger - old and worn and loved. The illustrations are gloriously detailed and the characters are just the sort of people you would see in your neighbourhood.

The story is about how Dave loses Dogger and the desolation he feels when he realises his loss.

At teatime, Dave was rather quiet.
In the bath he was even quieter.
At bed-time he said
"I want Dogger"
But Dogger was nowhere to be found

The whole family try to help to find Dogger, but he is lost. He turns up the next day on a toy stall at the school fete, but then a little girl buys him. and then big sister Bella saves the day and it all ends happily. Phew!
We have always been Shirley Hughes fans in this house, but had not met Dogger until last Yule. He has now become a firm favourite, and James even dug out a soft toy dog, which he promptly named Dogger, and indeed Dogger was one of his early words. No bedtime is complete now, without the nightly ritual of looking for Dogger - thankfully he can always be found.


Unknown said...

We love Shirley Hughes too xx

Gina said...

Aahh, this was Mia's favourite book for ages, We too, had raggedy old soft dog named Dogger1

Gina xx

Wyld Jane.. said...

just love shirley hughes what a great book !

Amber Liddle said...

The pictures are great! Looks like a good book.

sunnymama said...

How lovely to hear the story behind James' favourite story book! I think we have this book but I haven't read it to sunnyboy yet. I will do :)