Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pizza presence.

Just in the last two or three weeks, we have seen a huge changes in James - his language skills have developed significantly and in tandem with that there has been almost an explosive increase in his imaginative play. Yesterday, James played busily on the bed for almost the entire morning, making pizzas out of the pillows, and using a piece of corrugated card as his "pizza cutter". I spent the whole time just being with him, watching him play and following his lead (I also ate a massive amount of pillow pizza!). His wee face was just beaming as he played and I could see that he really was so involved in his world. I felt so connected to him and I am loving this new stage in his development.
In the evening I was reading through one of the back issues of The Mother magazine, which I have just received and came across an article by Tish Clifford about "being present" which really echoed my experience earlier on. Isn't it wondeful how these things coalesce? I feel so grateful to be present at this time.
She writes:

Children are so much more joyous than adults are, and when I am in a feeling space, my heart area can burst open with bliss and happiness; just to watch them playing is enough. I am not able to be this sensitive when I am not present.

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sunnymama said...

Pillow pizza sounds tasty! I've noticed the same developments with sunnyboy's language and imaginative play recently too. This is such an exciting and fascinating age and like you I'm enjoying being with him and watching, and the increased connection between us as we are able to have more 'in-depth' conversations. I really like the quote from the Mother magazine article. I know that it's talking about emotional presence but I'm also so very happy that I am physically present with sunnyboy at this time. I met up with a friend who works full time while her son is in nursery recently and I felt so grateful that I haven't missed watching these changes and understanding more about sunnyboy and his unique personality. He's great company too :)