Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Sharing Monday (viii)

Our choice for Book sharing Monday today is a well read favourite here. Saturday with Mez, by Lauren Serafin, Jason Rohrer and Mez. A beautifully photographed and hand bound board book, with simple text this tells the story of a day in the life of Mez, a nursing toddler.

Gorgeous black and white images photographed in natural light take us through Mez's morning - breakfast, dressing, shopping, eating, napping, going on a cycle ride and sleeping - oh and breast feeding. This is James's favourite page - we can look at this for ages and ages.

They stop to say hello
to a dog named Buddy

I am often very grateful to this book. When a sleepy boy is not keen to go to bed, and wants 'one more story' this one often does the trick - it seems to remind him of something he might like to do :)

Happy Book Sharing Monday. Visit Alex's blog to see more.


Wyld Jane.. said...

what a lovely and simple book x

sunnymama said...

I would love to get this book for sunnyboy! I'd heard of it but hadn't seen the pictures and they look really nice. Thanks for sharing :)