Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have too much stuff in our house. I keep saying that the house is not big enough for a family of 5, but I know that if we could downsize the amount of unnecessary stuff we have then we would have room for another family! We always feel so much better when the house has been decluttered - you can sense the chi whizzing around, reaching places it has not been able to get to for so long. This state of lightness does not last too long, sadly. However hard we try - however many times we vow 'never to buy anything new unless we really need it, have thought about it for 3 days and have taken something to the charity shop to keep the balance' - stuff creeps back in.
No more! Things are changing. Over the next few weeks this house will be systematically decluttered. This is happening and I feel so much better knowing it. We are gong to sell some stuff at a car boot sale, ebay a couple of things, freecycle some and charity shop the majority of things.
To start of we have the help of the wonderful Kristine, who, apart from having the same name as my younger daughter, hosts Throwaway Thursday on her blog. the challenge is to grab a bin bag, set a timer for 30 minutes and throw clutter into the bag. Kristine (my daughter) and I took up this challenge today - focusing on clothes. We were absolutely ruthless - any item we found ourselves thinking - "well... I might wear that again..." had to be firmly thrown out. We were very pleased with ourselves and both bags are destined for the Salvation Army shop in the next town. I feel so light I might even fly there.


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Good Girls! I am SO proud of you both. Don't you feel better? It is so good to clean out, clean up and get rid of things we are not using.

Tell Kristine hello!

Kristine ;)

Wyld Jane.. said...

a good clear out is refreshing for the soul xx

Unknown said...

That sounds like our house - we're actually doing the boys room at the minute. Makes you feel so much better xx

sunnymama said...

I have so much decluttering to do here! You've inspired me to do some today :)