Monday, June 1, 2009


I sat under the cherry tree for a few minutes tonight with my barleycup and my attention was attracted by a swarm of tiny insects flying around in a mad dance. As I watched them cavorting around I realised that I have been living at that pace for a few weeks now. The garden and greenhouse are claiming a lot of attention just now. K is sitting his Highers, hoping to get the grades he needs for university, James has been potty training, I have been attending the beekeeping classes twice a week, some work was being done to the driveway, and other family commitments are increasing. The gorgeous weather has also meant we are spending most of the day outside, but somehow the house seems more untidy - sand, dust and grass are carried in on bare feet, and household chores seem to mount up of their own accord, to be tackled quickly when small boys are eventually persuaded to have a bath and go to bed.
This hectic pace will calm down again - exams and beekeeping classes both finish this week, but other things will come in to replace them fairly soon. The insect's life is very short - just a few weeks, so they must dance while they can. I am grateful that I have time to take a few moments to reflect, before plunging back into the reel again.


Wyld Jane.. said...

Gosh I kmow what you mean, sat outside tonight watching the swifts , beautiful , but our fast paced life is not a patch on theirs , always in the the air , how time flies !!xx

Emma said...

Oh yes I can relate...I sweep the kitchen floor several times a day at the moment, but come evening you wouldn't know as we are all in and out of the house so's easy to get caught up and stress abouy things like that and forget how precious life is. Thanks for these words...I needed a reminder! :)

sunnymama said...

We're out in the garden most of the time at the moment too! I laughed at your description of pursuading small boys to come in to bath and go to bed. I'm actually able to do a bit of housework while sunnyboy plays in the garden with the door open now he's becoming more independant but this week has been far too nice for housework so I've stayed in the garden too :)