Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Sharing Monday (xvi)

This week's book choice is a Charlie and Lola story - Look after your Planet, by Lauren Child. After a sneaky look into friend Marv and Morten's big brother's bedroom (which looks like every big brother's bedroom) Lola decides to declutter her room.

Charlie suggests that she recycle some of her things, instead of throwing them away, and explains how recycling works. (He is such a great big brother - I wish he was mine). This starts Lola off on a quest and soon she has her whole school involved in a recycling competition to win a tree.

On the last day, it looks as if they have not filled up their tree counter:

When everything is recycled
Lola says,
"Oh no. We have NOT
filled up the
whole tree...
so we will not be
getting our
own real tree"

But then Morten
comes along.

Lotta says,
Look at
what he's

And so they get their tree. And Morten has to hide from his big brother for a while, after "decluttering" his room!

We love Charlie and Lola. We love Book Sharing Mondays too - visit CanadianHome Learning to share more.


Kristine said...

I love Lola...she is darling.

Sorry, I haven't visited in a has been crazy busy at our house with school and activities starting up again...but I do love your blog.

The header is beautiful, but not as beautiful as your son. Thank you for all of the very sweet comments you leave on my blog.

I am off to check out your other blog now!

Hugs to you!


sunnymama said...

We love Charlie and Lola too! This looks a good one :)

Amber Liddle said...

Oh, I just love Charlie and Lola! This week we shared another Lauren Child book, I love her illustrations!