Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Sharing Monday (xv)

In honour of last week's glorious August moon, we have chosen Papa, please get the moon for me, by Eric Carle. A beautifully illustrated book with some fold out pages. Monica loves to look at the moon, and asks her Dad to get it for her. Well of course, Dad does his best and manages to find a very long ladder, which he takes to the top of a very high mountain and climbs and climbs.
Finally Papa got to the moon
"My daughter, Monica, would like to play with you,"
said Papa, "but you are much too big"

"Every night I get a little smaller" said the moon
"When I am just the right size, you can take me with you"

So, Monica got to play with the moon when it was smaller, but it grew smaller and smaller and then disappeared.

But of course, as women know, the cycle begins again.

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luvnharmony said...

Another book I h\am adding to our reading list. Thanks for sharing!

sunnymama said...

We have a few Eric Carle books, but not this one. It looks lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

Amber Liddle said...

I just love Eric Carle books!