Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Sharing Monday 2010 - Snow, thaw and shelves

An appropriate choice for today, I thought, is Ollie's Ski Trip by Elsa Bescow.  Another of these gentle little stories, this tells how Ollie gets a new pair of skis for his birthday, but doesn't get to use them for ages, as the snow keeps falling and then thawing right away.  Then at last it snows for 3 days and he gets his chance.  Out he goes, revelling in the beauty of the winter landscape, and he meets Jack Frost !  Jack Frost is very impressed with Ollie and asks him if he would like to visit King Winter in his ice palace.  Well - who wouldn't?  On their way, however, the meet an old woman with a broom, who is making the ice and snow melt - Mrs Thaw!
Jack Frost chases her off in quite a rude fashion, but when Ollie challenges him, he says that Mrs Thaw is always trying to come too soon - she should not be here until the spring.  Anyway, Ollie has a most wonderful time at King Winter's court, playing, sledging and skating.  Then he returns home and he and his little brother enjoy the rest of the winter, playing in the snow.  Mrs Thaw stays away for a long time, but then at the end of winter, she comes back.

She didn't stop until there wasn't a speck of snow left
Rain poured down in torrents and last year's withered 
leaves were sent whilring away with her broom. And every-
one seemed to get a cold.  Ollie was really angry with Mrs Thaw.


But one lovely spring day, Spring came driving up in
her airy carriage drawn by white butterflies.  Then Ollie
saw Mrs Thaw, as she stood by the side of the ditch wearing
a brand new apron. She curtsied to Spring, beaming with 
delight For the first time, Ollie really liked Mrs Thaw 
and knew that she wasn't so bad after all.  But he did 
wish she would learn to come at the proper time.

Is this the proper time?  Or will King Winter and Jack Frost return?  Watch out for  the next couple of months to find out!
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Now I am going to add another dimesnion to my Book Sharing Monday posts.  I was very taken with this post on When I get the time.  Pippa mentions how people's kitchens and bookshelves can say a lot about them.  I have been thinking about this, and looking at our bookshelves.  Just glancing at the one to my right as I type has The Golfer's Companion sandwiched between The Complete New Herbal, and Solar Ethics.  Hmmm.  Well I am going to be brave and start sharing some of my bookshelves.  I have 2 small(quite chipped now that I notice) shelves in the kitchen which hold some of my cookery books, so we will start there.

I love looking at other people's book collections.  Dare to share?


Arlenkern74 said...

what a great idea x think i may join you x

Lisa G said...

I might do this, I also love nosing at other people's bookshelves!

Maire said...

Me too, great idea.

Dawn said...

Maybe when the books are back on the shelves I'll join you - they seem to be all over the house at the moment.
I recognise some on your shelves that are on my shelves too.
Thanks for posting, great idea.

Pippa said...

Hehehe, I just love nosing at people's bookshelves and your shelves look to have loads of interesting books, I'd be very happy pulling them out and browsing if I was a guest staying at your house! I will get my camera out later and show my own bookshelves!