Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter table.

Now that Christmas has been cleared away, the seasonal display looks a little bit empty. That is just as it should be though, as outside is stark and bare. A simple soft snowy white cloth, some beeswax candles to represent the light and warmth that we crave right now, and an old, much thumbed Ladybird book about winter.  In the centre is a white cyclamen - a plant that blooms in Wintertime and, for me, is symbolic of light and growth in the darkness.
The pine cones from the seasonal table have been used to make suet and seed feeders for the birds.  Our garden robin was an early visitor.

So, not much can be done in this freezing cold weather except stay by the fire and work our way through some of our Christmas books.

Luckily on my last charity shopping trip I managed to pick up a couple of old fashioned thick woollen blankets, along with some linen napkins (my current obsession).  So, for the time being we can snuggle up cosily, and I can read my elder son's Christmas gift to me and dream of what I can do with all those vintage textiles. 


Peggy said...

Your robin sure looks different from our robins. He's very handsome.

shell said...

What a lovely pile of books.

I can never find blankets like that down here - they are great though.


Pippa said...

Your table looks so pretty with the indoor Cyclamen and candles. Great charity shop finds too, I am looking forward to being able to get into town to look for nice fabric in the charity shops, you never know what you will find!

Peggy said...

That's what I like about blogging. What is common to us in our corner of the world is original to someone who lives in another corner. Once I went to a zoo in Anchorage, Alaska and they had raccoons in a site labeled exotic! To us they are a nuisance who upset our garbage cans and devour the seed in our feeders.

desertnutmeg said...

Warm, cozy blankets, all different kinds of books to read, garden birds to watch throught the window and a lovely winter table ~ Man! Where do i sign up?? LOL! It looks great Jacqui and i hope you are enjoying some rejuvination time! ~meggs.