Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick trip

Sometimes, there is no getting away from it- we have to make a trip into our capital city.  Fortunately it is only 20 minutes away, and it is a nice town. James is ready and is taking one or two friends with him.

As son as the car is parked, we have to stand under this tunnel and listen to out echoed calls.

Now our errand is done, we can have a walk around. James runs on ahead, but stops to wait while we catch up.

In we go to the gardens.  I always think of the fact that we are walking along the bottom of a loch basin.

 Looking up at the castle on the rock.

Noticing things we had never noticed before - like that thistle detail on the very top of the window corbels.

Looking for Mr Squirrel's house, but we thought he was still deeply asleep in his cosy nest.

The Ross Banstand, which less than a month ago saw the likes of Madness and The Noisettes strutting across it's stage, while a spectacular firework display welcomed in the New Year, lies empty and forlorn.  Ah well, spring and summer are on their way and festivals will once again brighten it's space.

James tries to find some wind to blow his new windmill.  And it does blow!

But running down those steep banks are just the best fun.


Lisa G said...

Looks like a lovely day, I haven't been to Edinburgh since 1991 so I must be due a return trip!
Love the new profile pic Jacqui.

sue said...

Oh you are so so lucky living in such a beautiful place, next time warren is working up there we'l have to meet up :)

Linda said...

You seem to have had the gardens to yourselves. No crowds picnicking on the grass??