Friday, January 15, 2010


I cut the fruit  and vegetables,while James puts it through the juicer.  Orange, beetroot, carrot and kale today - very nice.

Papa needed to go to the bank and for some shopping, but Gran is feeling the cold a lot just now, so she came here.  James kept her entertained. She is not really able to do much at all now, and she likes to keep her coat and gloves on, but she still responds to James and his chatter.

Robbie the dog had been out in the garden and had very muddy feet when he came in.  James helped his Dad dry them off.  James is reassuring Robbie, as he hates getting his feet dried.

After that James helped Dad to fix his big sister's car. She will be pleased when she comes home!

When Papa came back, he helped make the lunch for us all.

And I made these (well-fired) spelt and oatmeal loaves.



Linda said...

Lots going on chez vous this Friday. Wish I'd been at home too!

Thanks so much for your good wishes. My Dad is improving a bit each day, but still with the problem of his shattered hip joint to be tackled.

sunnymama said...

James is such a busy boy and looks like a wonderful helper. :)

Lisa G said...

Oh those loaves look delicious, do you have the recipe? I've just started to make our own bread and am finding spelt recipes hard to come by!

sue said...

What lovely pics of a wonderful family :)
blessings sue xxx