Monday, July 13, 2009

Book sharing Monday (xii)

Every week I wonder what I will do for the next Book sharing Monday post. Usually, though, by the time Sunday comes around, a book has emerged. Maybe one that I have come across by accident - tidying up or whatever, but more often than not, James will pick up on a book and it will be read constantly for several days. This week, then, he has chosen Mother Goose, or the Old Nursery Rhymes; illustrated by Kate Greenaway.

His favourite rhyme at the moment is this one.

Diddley diddley dumpty
The cat ran up the plum tree.
Give her a plum
and down she'll come
Diddley diddley dumpty.

Nonsense? I don't think so. Children learn so many things from nursery rhymes: language, poetry, numeracy, ethics, history, and hints of what to expect as they grow older. Also - we have a plum tree, and next door's cat, Milly, likes to sit in it - so, everyday life is reflected too!

Join in on Book Sharing Monday - go to Canada and visit Alex @ Serendipity.


Arlenkern74 said...

thats a nice one, i'm like you i find the books whilst tidying and think yes this is the one xx

Vanessa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment - just catching up with your blog after weeks of staying away from the computer (don't ask me how I managed LOL!!)

Happy Belated Birthday to K. I cannot imagne how it must feel to have your baby in your arms and next minute he is 18 and off to uni! Good luck; esp for the year in australia.

Just after I had promised myself to stay strong and not to order any more books from amazon I came across this post and now I have to order the one with greens for life. I will put the blame on to you if Phil moans again about my little book habbit LOL!!!


P.S. Any more updates of having the beehive in your garden?

sunnymama said...

I love the Kate Greenaway illustrations :)