Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

My elder son was 18 on Wednesday. It hardly seems possible that so many years have passed so quickly. His was the easiest and quickest of all my births - and he certainly has been the most laid back of all my children. It was also his lovely girlfriend's 18th on Saturday, so an action packed week of celebrations has ensued. Sadly, I didn't get any usable shots of Friday's party (aarghh!) so here are some others taken during the week.

Wednesday night was a big night out in Livingston with friends, but he made time to blow out the 18 candles on his raspberry victoria sponge cake, with us before he left. Little brother James helped, of course.

Opening his present from big sister Karen.
(Ignore the temporary barricades in the background. These were meant to keep the hens in their own yard - they obviously worked well as you can see!)

Out for a lunch in a posh local restaurant today with Gran and Papa, Karen and husband, Daniel, grandson Finlay, John and James. Other daughter, Kristine, is away at T in the Park, and K's girlfriend had to work.

Anyway - Happy Birthday K . He is off to university soon to study Chemistry (with a year in Australia). Then he will save the world by inventing a sustainable and totally renewable, non polluting fuel. wonder what he'll do in the afternoon?


Joxy34 said...

Aww happy birthday K :-)

That cake looks scrumptious..a nd omg how big are those raspberries????? lol


Wyld Jane.. said...

Happy birthday xx it doesnt seem possible that suddenly they are 18 ! Gareth's two daughters are 18 and 20 ! where did the time go ?

sunnymama said...

A belated happy birthday to your son :) The cake looks delicious!