Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few days away

We had a couple of days away in the campervan last week. Just back down to South Ayrshire to a great wee site we had come across the other week. With John's fast approaching early retirement, we have been looking at various options regarding property and self-sufficiency, so we were back down to have a more detailed viewing of one we had previously looked at. Not sure though. Now that the dream is about to come true we are beginning to feel quite confused as to what our ideal place actually is. When it was still a dream it was fine - we had no shortage of ideas and plans. Now - well - when we are looking at land we are going to be making our living from, it seems quite different, and very daunting.
As I sit here typing this in my sunny conservatory, looking out at my garden, listening to the birds singing, I wonder why we want to move - what is wrong with this house? Surely the most important space is inside my head, anyway? Then I notice the background hum of steady traffic passing right outside the front gate, and remember.
The right place will come to us at the right time.
Anyway, here are a few pictures of our very wet holiday. James seemed to live in his Muddy Puddles suit and wellies, but it meant he could still have fun in the rain.

We even managed some fairly strenuous hiking, although James has now decided that he will never go in the sling again.

This little lamb adopted us for part of our walk. James said she was Uan, The Little Lamb.

It was so windy at Girvan beach, I thought James was going to take off like a balloon in his rain-suit!

But he managed to stay on land and played with all the seaweed that had been washed up.

Then he and Dad climbed up onto a rock in the middle of the sea!

Despite the strong winds on the beach, the harbour was very still and calm. I suppose that's the point of a harbour.


Arlenkern74 said...

looks like you had a great time , splashing in puddles is great x

Uma said...

Oh I must send you my phone number so if you are over again I can see you.... I really hope you find the perfect place, and I also (selfishly...) hope its in Ayrshire!

Uma x

shell said...

Loving your campervan. Hope you find what your looking for too - I think when you see it you will just 'know'

sunnymama said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I love all the pictures of James in his rain suit :) Sunnyboy's dad is thinking of buying a campervan.