Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter: variations on a theme (part 1)

I had a rare morning out with just my younger daughter today - we went to see the new Harry Potter film. I am not a fan and would not normally have gone, but her boyfriend was not keen and everyone else seemed to have seen it already. So - off we went for the 10.30 am showing. The last time I was at the pictures so early was when I was 7 and the local Miner's Welfare Society started showing old 50s movies on a Saturday morning - King Kong, I think it was!

My Harry Potter credentials are limited. I have only read books 1 - 3 and seen the first 2 films. I became disillusioned when he sold his soul to Coca Cola, and more so when I attempted to read Book 4 and realised *whispers* - the writing was not very good and the plot was weak.
I enjoyed the first book, though. It was fresh and exciting, and was a great story. I remember reading it out loud to my children and husband. Every night I read a chapter - they all crowded round me as I, in my most dramatic and camped up style, related the tale of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. As we neared the end, they were desperate to discover the identity of the rogue teacher. I kept them in suspense until the following evening. I can still see their expectant faces as I read the words: "It was Quirrel"and hear the gasps of surprise! "NO!" "Well I never thought of him!"
Anyway, I didn't think I would have too much trouble picking up the plot - and so it proved. I only had to ask who 2 of the character's were. The film itself was fine - not much in the way of a plot, but lots of whooshing and shooshing noises, flashing lights and smoke. The plot hinges on eavesdropped conversations of a cruicial nature, a saved memory bank, and snooping about in shadowy places. It's not really a stand-alone film - no clear beginning or ending, so is definitely meant to be seen as a series. The time passed quickly enough and before we knew it we were out blinking in the sunshine, shocked to find it was 1.30 in the afternoon!


julie king said...

i'm a huge harry potter fan and was disappointed in movie 6. the book is SOOOO much better! how nice that you went with your daughter.

shell said...

I love the books but I'm always disappointed with the films.

Gina said...

OOh, I'm looking orward to watching this film. I have to adit to liking the books even though I don't think her writing is great!

Gina xxx