Thursday, July 16, 2009

Throwaway Thursday

This week I decided to clear out my 'important papers expanding file'. This had been lying behind one of the chairs in the front room for a few months. It had expanded so much it had burst open and however hard I tried to stuff it under the chair, if company called - it kept sneaking out, demanding attention. So, attend to it I did. The small pile on the right contains the actual 'important papers', whilst the humongous green bag contains the trash. How many torn, empty envelopes does a person have to file before they are committed to an institution for the terminally cluttered? Why did I need to file every single piece of paper from car and home insurance policies that expired 8 years ago? 2004 MOT certificate for a car that we no longer own and was written off in 2008 anyway? No idea.
Kristine invites us to de-clutter our lives every Thursday. A wee bit at a time :)


sunnymama said...

Congratulations on your declutter! I find paper clutter the hardest to deal with :)

julie king said...

i'm right there with you!! i used to save everything but am better now. good job clearing that out!!

Shannon said...

what a great idea... i may just visit Kristine... does she have tips? I typically keep my home clutter-free, but the papers are hard to discard - even for me!