Sunday, July 12, 2009

More gratuitous seaside pictures

We spent the end of yesterday afternoon on the beach at Girvan, South Ayrshire. It was almost deserted, apart from the occasional dog walker. The weather had been warm, but became a bit dull and windy. We had some great beach fun anyway. Running, splashing, dancing, even a spot of Tai-Chi - with a great backdrop!

Keep enjoying the summertime. xx


Sara Chapman said...

Don't say bad photos! I like these, and the cake below is very much like the one my mom used to make. Living lightly doesn't mean bad food! Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments! Having come for a look at yours... well, it's a small world, as I was born and brought up in Airdrie (a bit nearer Glasgow than Edinburgh!!) Don't worry about your son turning 18 - mine will be 31 in September (but he's still my baby!) Regards , Anne

Jacqui said...

Thanks Sara and Anne.
Re bad photographs - I must admit, blogging has improved my photography a fair bit. Some of my early posts here and on the garden blog were a bit poor. Maybe I should change my blog description now.
Anne - Airdire is just along the road - we are getting a rail link to connect us next year!
My late blessing of a 2 year old certainly keeps me from worrying too much about the older ones growing up. xx

sue said...

I love all your pics and really enjoy your lovely blog :)
sue xx

Uma said...

Oh you were so close-you'll have to come visit us next time!!

Uma x

Laura said...

Beautiful. Looks so peaceful, and i like the photos. :)

sunnymama said...

Beautiful gratuitous seaside pictures!